Dre Holland

Andre 'Dre' Holland has been bringing thigh-slapping laughter to countless people all of his life. The Cincinnati native, as a husband and father of five, who went from street life to family life, has a plethora of life experiences that helps to fuel the relatable and hilarious material of his shows. Andre has numerous talents from a headlining stand-up comedian to actor. Dre has been in several entertaining short films and plays. Andre also starred in the Coming to Apollo comedy tour in Cincinnati. Andre travels the country bringing unforgettable joy to many and continues to hone his craft to be one of the best.

Dre has worked with such notable comics as KevOnStage, Mike Goodwin, and Small Fire. Dre, the comedic maestro behind the mic, whose infectious energy and razor-sharp wit leave audiences in stitches wherever he performs. Dre's unique perspective on the world never fails to elicit uproarious laughter. Whether he's speaking on the trials and tribulations of life or poking fun at the quirks of human behavior, Dre's comedy is as relatable as it is hilarious. Armed with an arsenal of quick wit and a contagious charm, he is able to engage with the audience and leave them in stitches. Dre Holland is the comedian you'll want to watch again and again, bringing joy and laughter to audiences one punchline at a time.

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